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New Faces Help Future Proof Mentally Fit EP

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Mentally Fit EP has announced they will be seeing some changes within the mental health network as Lain Montgomery takes maternity leave and two new faces are welcomed.

Former radio announcer Johanna Page has been welcomed as the new Community Development Officer and Sarah Dickenson has stepped in as Community Development Support Worker.

While COVID-19 has taken its toll, it hasn’t stopped Mentally Fit EP from continuing their hard work throughout the community using different tools like zoom to connect people and projects such as Taking Charge of Your Life.

Mentally Fit EP has also been working in collaboration with The Australian Center for Social Innovation to help future proof Mentally Fit EP.

Johana Page says that the most important message Mentally Fit EP would like to get out into the community is that they are working with people who have lived experiences.

“That’s really valuable because you’re obviously talking and having conversations with people who live with mental illness or you know have bipolar, or have suffered from depression, anxiety suicide and you’re working with those people to create better results for our community, so it’s not just professionally driven.”

Johana said “Some of the projects we’re currently working on include the Comedy Roadshow, a short film project, sharing lived experiences and Taking charge of your life.”

CEO Jo Clark said Mentally Fit EP is excited to have Johana and Sarah on the team.






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