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Great Flinders Netball and Football Can Season

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It’s been announced that the 2020 Great Flinders netball and football season will not go ahead this year.

The decision was made by all clubs taking into account the season would see minimal spectators, financial obstacles, additional volunteer workloads and extra hygiene precautions.  

The great flinders sporting associations expressed their sadness towards the decision via Facebook on Tuesday night following a meeting which saw all 6 clubs agree that the season would be cancelled.

Grant Beard from Great Flinders says that while it was a tough decision, it definitely created a sense of relief after a period of uncertainty for the associations.

“We are a community-minded league and the netball and football go hand in hand, and when the netballers canned the season, I think it probably made the decision easier for the footballers.”

“The clubs have been discussing potential carnivals for players during the “season” however no final decisions have been made until restrictions are lifted and things go back to normal.” Said Beard.