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Rex Announce Compulsory Face Masks on All Flights from June

aiport face mask

Regional express airlines have announced that as of June 1st it will be compulsory for all passengers to wear faces masks on all Rex Flights as an extra layer to protect against the spread of COVID-19.

The airline has made it clear that passengers will be denied boarding if they refuse to wear a mask, with passengers to use their own or purchase one at check in.

Passengers must wear masks from Rex check-in counters and all the way through to bus transfers.

Rex National Airports Manager, David Brooksby, said, “As the country prepares to open the borders and lift the lockdowns, we need to be vigilant now more than ever to ensure that we prevent a second wave of infections which would cause untold economic damage and misery to all communities.  

“Rex has already enforced significant changes to minimise the risk of infection, including the proactive and unprecedented measure of body temperature testing of passengers and employees. Since early March, Rex has endeavoured to space out seating allocation of all passengers to facilitate social distancing.







Image credit: Pexles