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Local Businesses Awarded in Delicious Harvey Norman Produce Awards 2020

harvey norman produce awards

Two Eyre Peninsula Businesses have been listed as winners in the 2020 Delicious Harvey Norman Produce Awards.

The awards recognise producers in each state under four categories including dairy, earth, paddock and sea.

Clean Seas were awarded for their Spenser Gulf Hiramasa King Fish, while Gazander Oysters were awarded for their Premium Pacific Oysters for their fourth consecutive year in a row.

The Little Douglas Oyster lease was nominated by an Adelaide chef.

Carly Thompson from Gazander Oysters says they’re pretty chuffed about the award despite hurdles that have heavily impacted their market however it’s a reminder to shop locally as often as possible.

“I’d just like to encourage people to buy locally in these tough times and support all small local producers whether their farmers, fisherman, oysters growers or local retailers and make sure your paying a fair price and that can be passed around our community.”

“We are just delighted to share our great news. Our fourth consecutive state Delicious Produce Award.

“Despite everything and we mean EVERYTHING that has gone on in the last five years we are proud to be recognised as growing a premium quality product consistently.

“We are proud of the tenacity and grit we have shown through POMS, spat shortages and now Covid-19.

“There’s been long days of hard physical work in all sorts of weather, stressful sleepless nights and financial strain. Heartbreaking stock losses.  

“But there’s been hope, laughs, excellent food and many many drinks and great friends and family with us all the way. And now a farm full of beautiful oysters ready for the oyster loving consumer. And we know the consumer is still out there- we have seen it with our Adelaide pop up shop.

“We have been overwhelmed with the support the fabulous people of Adelaide have shown our little pop up shop over last few months. It invigorates and excites us to continue.” Said Carly.