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Whetstone and Treloar Test Negative for Corona

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Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development Tim Whetstone was amongst the members who attended the Grain Growers meeting in Cummins has tested negative for Coronavirus.

Minister whetstone has been in self-isolation following his close contact with Senator Rex Patrick who tested positive earlier this week.

Peter Treloar who was also at the Cummins meeting and in close contact has fortunately also tested negative for the virus and says it’s important that people practice the social distancing strategies.

"Look well I think we've all dodged a bullet this time around but its a really important wake up call for us all I guess, at some point probably someone on the EP will be exposed to the virus it would seem that it hasn't occurred this time around from this gathering but it means we need to take on board what the government is telling us about social distancing and reducing the size of our gatherings and all those things." said Treloar.

The 190 people who were at the meeting have been advised to remain in quarantine until next Tuesday night according to the SA Health guidelines.









Image Credit:https://www.wa.gov.au