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Cleve Joins the Bear Hunt

teddy bear hunt

Inspired by the book “We’re going on a Bear Hunt” Aussies from across the country have begun placing Teddy Bears in the window of their homes for those walking with children to spot, and the EP has joined the hunt.

The trend intended to inject some positivity back in to the community during the pandemic has taken off in Cleve with several local businesses, farmers and residents displaying teddies in their windows.

Local woman Zoe Traeger started up the initiative here on the EP just by simply putting a teddy in her window.  

Zoe says she has young children who don’t quite understand what’s happening and it’s a fun way to give them something to look forward to everyday.

“My sister actually invited me to the official Facebook page and I thought what a good idea, so I put my teddy bear in the window.

“Then the following morning I noticed a mum and two kids walking and the joy it brought to their faces and I thought right let’s start up a Cleve one.

“So we did and now there’s lots of teddy bears in windows around Cleve. “