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Locals Working From Home Warned About Cyber Criminals

work from home set up

Due to current world events, an increasing proportion of the local workforce are utilising working from home opportunities.

SAPOL are warning residents cybercriminals are opportunistic and will look at ways to exploit this situation.

Community members are being urged to be mindful of what information they are sharing online about their work from home setups, in particular carelessly disclosing personal information through webcams and their surroundings.

Those that are using a personal computer to work from home, are being advised to ensure

*           All your software is up-to-date and that you have suitable Antivirus software installed

*          Use an internet connection that is secure, and known to you.

*           If you are moving files between work and home with a USB or portable hard drive, ensure the devices are encrypted. That way, if the device is lost, it offers some protection over its contents.

Locals are being advised to turn to their employers for specific guidelines around work from home policies and procedures.







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