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Local Students Can Now Access Learning Criteria Online

Our Learning SA

Students in South Australian schools will now have access to modern online learning resources to support their education at home.

Education Minister John Gardner said the centralised Our Learning SA website will support students, teachers and families, by complementing their classroom education – through access to curated curriculum resources across all learning areas that are taught in schools across Australia.

Minister Gardner said During this unprecedented and challenging time, we will do whatever we can to ensure young South Australians continue to thrive in their education with a learning programme that is engaging, meaningful and accessible,” said Minister Gardner

Minister Gardner said “Our Learning SA is an important tool that will offer greater flexibility for students, schools and families and complements the learning resources teachers already have in place to ensure students are continuously learning between home and school.

“Some schools already have their own systems in place to support learning at home. This new platform complements the offering at those schools, while also being available to support all schools who may not be so advanced.”

Local parents can access the "Our Learning SA" criteria via the www.education.sa.gov.au/our-learning- 








Image Credit: Education SA