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Natural Resources Host Aus Day Clean Up to Protect Whibley Wattle

clean up Aus WW

Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula is organising a clean-up this Sunday 1st March for Clean Up Australia Day to help the threatened Whibley Wattle.

The clean-up, for people wanting to give back to the local environment, will take place at a location of the Whibley Wattle near Tumby Bay.

Natural Resources Management Officer Geraldine Turner said it is a great opportunity to participate in an official Clean Up Australia Day event while helping a locally threatened species.

“This site is part of a road reserve with lots of historical rubbish. It will be great to get it cleaned up, but also let everyone know more about our special wattle that only grows here. Ms Turner said.

The Whibley wattle is only found in the Tumby Bay region, making it a very important species for the local community to get involved and help protect it.

Locals are invited to participate in the clean-up that will commence between 9:30am and 11:30 am at a site near Tumby Bay, where the threatened Whibley Wattle grows.

Participants will be required to register for the event and are encouraged to wear appropriate clothing for working outdoors, especially gloves and enclosed shoes.

For further information and to register please contact Geraldine Turner on 0407 603 574.






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