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Bushfire Affected Communities Encouraged to Seek Financial Support

A house damaged by a bush fire

South Australians who've been affected by recent bushfires are being reminded to take advantage of financial assistance being provided by the banks.

A range of measures have been announced including deferral of home loan and credit card repayments, the waiving of fees and charges, as well as support for small businesses.

CEO of the Australian Banking Association, Anna Bligh, is urging those affected to reach out to their bank's hardship team to find out what assistance is available.

“Most of us can’t imagine what it’s like to loose everything, but a natural disaster can very quickly turn into a financial disaster, and Australian Banks are ready and able to protect them from the worst possible financial damage.”

“If you’re a local household or business that has been affected by bushfires go to www.ausbanking.org.au and there you will find direct numbers into the hard ship team of your own bank, they are the people that can help you get back on your feet financially.” Said Anna.