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Kimba Radioactive Waste Management Facility to Create Jobs


The recently announced Kimba Radioactive Waste Management Facility is expected to create 45 jobs and bring in a $31 million Community Development Package for the region.

The three volunteered sites in South Australia were assessed in a detailed phase of the process which included technical studies, examining seismology, hydrology and geology that help conclude the sites safety to securely store radioactive waste.

The Kimba community showed a great level of support with 61.6 % of voters in Kimba support the proposal.

The broad support of the Kimba community is reflected in:

- 59.3 % support from surveyed local businesses

- 59.8% support from local submissions

- 60 % support from neighbours within five kilometers of Napandee

- 100 % of direct neighbours that share a boundary with the site at Napandee support the


Minister Canavan said “Compared to the other site in Kimba (Lyndhurst) establishing the facility at Napandee would be less technically complex, and has stronger support from direct neighbours.”

However, locals opposed to the decision are disappointed in the lack of acknowledgment of their options and concerns from Minister Canavan.

So far, Kimba Mayor Dean Johnson says the vibe in Kimba has been positive following the announcement.

For more information about the project, including artist’s impressions, 24 dedicated fact sheets, and stories from monthly community newsletters, head to www.radioactivewaste.gov.au