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Emu attempts to take flight

Whyalla Airport welcomed assistance provided by the Wildlife Rescue Whyalla and Surrounding Areas group after a pair of avian incidents occurred at the airport over the weekend.


The First incident involved a Goose’s appearance near the baggage area close to the carpark. Whilst the Goose flew away without intervention by the group, a second visitor to the airport, an Emu which used the automatic doors to gain entry to the terminal building did require relocation.

Council's Manager – Airport Operations, Howard Aspey called the wildlife group which came straight back out to look after the curious bird. With Howard’s help, they carefully captured the emu and took it off to a safer place back in the bush.

“The wildlife group were fantastic, they came straight out for both incidents,” Howard said.

“He (the emu) wasn’t aggressive, the wildlife officer picked him up like a chicken and he was safely put into the back of a vehicle and taken back to the bush.”


Howard said the airport security measures meant there was no chance the emu could get on the tarmac. The airport also has two new wildlife prevention trailers that are moved around to keep birds and animals away from the landing strip.

“We’ve had these new trailers now for nearly a year and they’ve been very effective,” Howard said.

“They emit different noises and frequencies to deter the birds and animals on the ground.

"We haven’t had a problem since they were put in place.”