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Port Lincoln Op Shop Bins Rummaged Through

unity op shop bins

On Sunday afternoon the Port Lincoln Unity OP Shop was disgusted to find their donation bins had been damaged and rummaged through by desperate community members.

The heavy-duty padlocked bins had been torn apart leaving mountains of clothes scattered on the ground.

An outraged op shop staff member took to social media sharing the devastating mess they were left with.

The staff member had also mentioned the op shop had captured the rego number of another woman scoping out their open bins, who then proceeded to fill her car with donated goods.

It’s alleged a police report has been filed with an investigation underway.

Locals in need are encouraged to contact their local support system who provide essential items to the less fortunate within the community.

Local support organisations include West Coast Youth and Community Support Services.




Image credit: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3090268164322691&set=pcb.1486770234812332&type=3&theater