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legislation Introduced Today to Remove GM Crop Moratorium


The Marshall Liberal Government will today introduce legislation to remove the moratorium on genetically modified crops in South Australia which will help our farmers grow the economy and create jobs.

New regulations to lift the GM crop moratorium in South Australia, were meant to take effect on December 1 but Labor, SA Best and the Greens last week blocked lifting the GM moratorium

Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development Tim Whetstone says the lift will allow South Australian farmers to have the same choices as neighbouring states which will increase productivity and create jobs.

Minister Whetstone said “New and improved crop varieties will also help farmers tackle drought and climate change as we look to provide our grain growers with as many tools as possible.

The independent review found the GM moratorium has cost South Australian grain growers at least $33 million since 2004 and will cost farmers at least a further $5 million if extended to 2025.”

If the Bill does not pass Parliament this year the Marshall Liberal Government will reconsider regulatory options to provide choice to farmers.





Image credit: http://www.isaaa.org/kc/cropbiotechupdate/article/default.asp?ID=17739