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Nuclear Waste: What are the Risks?

nuclear waste

Locals from across the Eyre Peninsula are being encouraged to educate themselves and ensure they have their say on the Radioactive Waste facility site that is proposed for Kimba.

This Sunday an information session will be held in Port Lincoln at the Beer Garden Brewing with campaigners discussing how nuclear waste dump can affect the EP.

The government has opened up submissions for people all over Australia for people to have their say until the 12 December.

Nuclear-free campaigner from Friends of the Earth, Mara Bonacci says there are a few concerns and potential risks around moving a nuclear waste site on to the EP.

Mara says no one has been consulted on the transport route, so there is potential risks of an accident during its transport.

“But a bigger concern is the reputation risk to the grain industry, all of the grain from the Eyre peninsula goes out from Port Lincoln so people are concerned that the clean green image that SA farmers have fought so hard to earn will be damaged by a radioactive waste facility on farming land in Kimba.”

There will be two types of waste stored with one being a low-level waste and an intermediate-level waste.

While Mara says she doesn’t want to be an alarmist, it’s important that locals understand there are risks and what if’s around a nuclear waste facility.

“There have been incidents of fires at radioactive waste facilities around the world, if there’s any sort of floods or earthquake activity- stuff could happen but there’s no guarantee that bad stuff will happen but the risk is there and this stuff is incredibly dangerous and it needs to be managed for 10,000 years for the intermediate level.

“The low-level waste is somewhat less of a concern because it’s less radioactive less dangerous and it’s going to be infatuated.

Mara believes where the waste is currently at, the Lukas Heights reactor, is the best and safest place for it to be where all the experts are, the AFP is next door and the security is there.

“Whereas here we’re not going to have that level expertise and security to make sure it’s looked after until they find a permanent site.” said Mara.

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Image Credit:https://cen.acs.org