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Police Crack Down on Reckless Behaviour this Bushfire Season


This bushfire season local police will be focusing their efforts on the response to bushfires threats through Operation NOMAD.

The operation will focus on deliberate, reckless and negligent acts that may cause a bush fire.

Patrols will deploy on total fire ban days with a fire danger rating of severe and above.

Operation commander, Assistant Commissioner Noel Bamford says

“While the operation continues to focus on known arsonists within our community, there is also a strong focus on preventing avoidable bushfires that have the potential to cause loss of life and significant damage,” he said.

An analysis of bushfire activity has identified that the majority of bushfires during the season are classified as non-suspicious and occur on non-fire ban days.

“This can range from the use of power tools or farming equipment when restrictions are in place, to parking a hot car on long grass during summer.”

During Operation Nomad 2018/2019 there were a total of 556 fires classified under NOMAD.

  • 406 non-suspicious incidents
  • 63 deliberate incidents
  • 44 suspicious incidents
  • 43 undetermined incidents

Minister for Police and Emergency Services Minister Corey Wingard said one act of stupidity by a fire-bug could lead to an absolutely devastating outcome for the community.

"Anyone who plays with fire during the hottest and most dangerous months of the year should think about the potential outcomes of their actions - think of the lives, homes and businesses that could be destroyed," the Minister said.

"Our emergency services will face another challenging bushfire season this year, and you can help support their efforts by reporting suspicious activity in your community."

Locals are encouraged to report anything suspicious or activity that increases the risk of bushfire by contacting police assistance line on 131 444.

Helpful details to provide police include the location and people involved, descriptions of those present, any vehicle details and anything else that may assist the responding patrol or our investigators.