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Wave to a Truckie EP Campaign to Create Positivity on Our Roads

wave to a truckie

Following the closure of the Eyre Peninsula railway lines and increase of trucks on EP roads, local woman Diana Mislov is looking to create positivity on our roads through the “Wave to a Truckie EP” campaign.

The campaign originally started up in NSW by Sally Tipping in Dubbo was something that caught the attention of Ms. Mislov who decided instead of creating a whole new campaign, to make this existing campaign go national.

Ms. Mislov has given her time, effort and own money to order and distribute ‘Wave to a Truckie’ stickers with mascot Wavee on them, encouraging locals to display them on their cars.

Diana says truckies have a long hard job and at times it can become lonely, not to mention we heavily rely on them for all industries, so the campaign aims to create positivity between drivers and truckies.

wave to a truckie sticker

“It also says on the bottom of the sticker “sharing our roads together” which to me is very important because it is all about sharing, and if we’re a little bit more alert to the road danger that there are and the optical that appear on the road, the long distances and fatigue, we can be a bit friendlier in our approach and instead of road rage replace it with some empathy and give them all a cheery wave and lets all keep moving. “

Diana says this is also a good opportunity to educate kids on our freight and what our truckies do for our community.

So far she’s given out around 100 stickers with many more orders on their way.

Diana said she would like to host an event in the future to connect the community with truckies.



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