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Malleefowl Nest Mound Discovered in Venus Bay Conservation Park

malleefowl Venus Bay Cp

An active Malleefowl nest mound has been discovered in the Venus Bay Conservation Park with the breeding attempt the first in half a century or so for the particular area.

The Malleefowl was first recorded behind the predator-proof fence area when the conservation park was proclaimed in 1977.

Senior Ranger David Grosse said “The nest mound is a typical size, measuring four meters wide by one and a half metres in height.

“We also found broken pieces of Malleefowl eggshell on the surface with pieces the size of the palm of your hand, indicating malleefowl chicks had likely hatched recently.

Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula has received online reports from local residents through their website www.epmalleefowl.com.au observing malleefowl near Witera, Venus Bay, Lincoln National Park and north of Whyalla.