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Port Lincoln Community Walk Against Crime and Violence

protest sign crime and violance

This Saturday Port Lincoln community members of all races and groups will be gathering to walk against Violence to combat crime and violence within the township.

Recently, crime and violence has been on the rise amongst youths in the Port Lincoln community; creating fear for many locals following violent attacks, theft, robberies, property damage and break in’s.

The march aims to gain government funding in order to have more police available across all hours of the day and night.

Local woman and march organiser Lisa Partridge says, the people of Port Lincoln are scared and have had enough and want something done about the violence and crime.

“We’re hoping to achieve that the police and the police commissioner can recognize our community fears and we want a police station open 24/7 here, we want the police phone lines directed straight to Port Lincoln Police station not to the Whyalla Police station, we want more than 2 police cars on duty.

"The court system also needs adjusting, there are 3-4 time offenders getting slaps on the wrist and walking free in our community to keep reoffending, there need's to be harsher penalties for those people" Lisa says.

The march will be accompanied by police with the community, locals businesses, the aboriginal community including elders and political figures getting behind the movement.

“There is a petition going around town in just about every shop, trying to get as many local signatures as possible." said Lisa.

Yesterday police, key stakeholders, community leaders, government agencies and support services gathered to discuss concerns regarding antisocial behavior, youth crime and violent incidents.

Acting Officer in Charge, Eyre and Western LSA, Inspector Mark Hubbard said, "While reducing incidents of antisocial behavior and youth crime around Port Lincoln is a short term goal, I am hopeful that our collaboration will promote positive outcomes for the young people themselves.

The march will start under the figs at 12 pm Saturday and will walk to the Port Lincoln Police station.

All community members are invited to join and wear orange for violence or blue for police.