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Locals Urged to Utilise Red Cross App

redcross app

Residents on the Eyre Peninsula are urged to get prepared for the coming disaster season, amid predictions of early bushfires and more extreme weather events.

It comes as a new survey shows regional Australians are leading the way on preparations with around a quarter having already organised an emergency kit.

National Manager for Emergency Services at the Red Cross, Andrew Coghlan, says while that's encouraging, he'd like others to do the same.

“Early forecasts have told us that we’re going to expecting hotter temperatures and lower rainfall this summer that adds onto the ongoing drought that we’ve already seen in large parts of the country, and already as early as September, we’ve seen bush fires.

“But the good news is that we know that preparing reduced the impact and improves our chance of recovering from disasters in the long term.

“We know that regional and rural people are well prepared but there are still some people that aren’t and we need them to take action, so we invite people to download the Red Cross Get Prepared app, take the simple steps within it to be in the know, to get connected with their local community, their friends and relatives and to be better organised with a survival or personal items kit that they can take with them in case of an emergency.” Said Andrew.