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Natural Resources Focus on EP Saltmarshes

ep saltmarshes

Eyre Peninsula Natural Resources Management Board will receive almost $2,000,000 in funding over four years that will see benefits for EP Saltmarshes. 

The funding will be used to better understand hydrological flows through monitoring and making improvements to some coastal infrastructures, and where necessary implementing delicate revegetation operations that will aim to improve the health and function to the important ecosystems.

Natural Resources Management Officer Liz McTaggart said “We are so lucky across EP with the range of vegetation communities we have here but many of these are in varying condition, particularly our saltmarsh environments. This project builds on the sound knowledge from our existing Coastal Action Planning and shorebird monitoring.

“The funding will allow Natural Resources Staff to access independent research scientists and organisations to deliver actions to directly address many of the issues.

Eyre Peninsula’s coastline spans 3,292km, with 16 coastal embayment’s; one-third of South Australia’s intertidal samphire habitat including approximately 23% of the national distribution of Temperate Coastal Saltmarsh.

“The invite will be open to anyone on the Eyre Peninsula, even visitors to our area, to join us in learning more about these saltmarsh systems, as this is not a project we are going to be able to achieve alone.

“We’ll be hosting saltmarsh identification workshops, shorebird workshops and investigating six overwintering hooded plover monitoring sites across the region. People can get involved through their schools, Councils through on-ground projects such as new raingardens to improve hydrological flows in saltmarsh areas, becoming a skilled volunteer bird observer or simply following and sharing what we are doing online,” Liz said