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Funds Secured for Oyster Industry Research


The Pacific Oyster Industry has had $750,000 in funding secured for research to fight against the devastating Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome virus which could put Eyre Peninsula oysters in jeopardy. 

The funding secured for three years will support the South Australian Pacific Oyster Selective breeding program that aims to provide the oyster industry with POMS-resistant broodstock.

The project to develop POMS-resistant Pacific Oysters is jointly funded between the State Government, Flinders Ports, Australian Seafood Industries, the South Australian Oyster Growers’ Association and the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation.

Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development Tim Whetstone said South Australia’s $28 million oyster industry was threatened when POMS devastated Tasmania’s industry in 2016.

Whetstone said “To reduce the risk of spreading to our oyster-growing regions, there was a ban on South Australian growers importing Pacific Oyster spat from Tasmania, where more than 80% of spat was previously sourced.

The research is vital in ensuring the long-term viability of the South Australian oyster farming industry.