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Unhappy Locals Escalate FTA Vandalism

no flight training over my house

The Commercial Pilot Training at the Port Lincoln Airport has local residents up in arms about the noise disruption with another case of vandalism in retaliation to the development.  

On Monday night some unknown locals took it upon themselves to send a message to the pilot training, writing "NO FTA" in yellow paint on the Lincoln highway at North Shields.

no fta

Further protest signs have been placed along the Lincoln Highway.

This has been the 5th vandalism incident with police investigating further.

The lower Eyre District Council say that this has now caused a problem for the Department of Transport who will now have to have the graffiti removed.

Lower Eyre District Council CEO Rod Pearson says the council is working with Flight training Adelaide to discuss the minimization on the impact on the community and are passing on the positive and negative feedback to FTA.

“But also recognising that there is a large economic opportunity for the region here as well. It’s a combination, a balancing act of trying to maximize that economic opportunity but where possible minimizing impacts.”

Rod says although there is no denying there will noise issues, they will try to do their best to keep it to a minimum.

“Having FTA here in Port Lincoln will be beneficial to the region, we have 50 students here already”

“Port Lincoln has been chosen as a suitable location for students to relocate while they study, which will bring money into our region.” Said Rod.