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Primary School Students Take Part in SA Water’s Workshop

SA Waters challenge students

Five students from Port Lincoln Primary School took part in SA Water’s Sustainability Challenge educational workshop during National Reconciliation Week. 

SA Water’s Business Strategy Lead, Trish Larking guided Aboriginal students from 10 different metropolitan and regional schools through Sustainability Challenge over two consecutive days, as part of the STEM Aboriginal Student Congress at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Throughout the workshop students in grades, five to eleven explored sustainability in line with the Australian curriculum and the congress’ theme of Living Two Worlds.

Helping Trish support the students were Candice Nayda, Katelyn Launer, Shae-Lee Sutton, Ebony
Newchurch, Claire Jarvis and Holly Aldenhoven, six Aboriginal employees from SA Water, who shared their
own experiences with the kids, encouraging them to keep asking questions.

Trish says the Sustainability Challenge was a good opportunity to provide a great learning experience for aboriginal students and also a good opportunity for Aboriginal employees to mentor the next generation.

“It reminds us they look to us to learn from our experiences and find motivation as they forge their own path, highlighting the potential they can realise.” said Trish.