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King Tides for Eyre Peninsula Next Week

2016 king tide in Port Lincoln

Next Week the Eyre Peninsula is expected to see a predicted king tide that will see coastline water levels rise up to almost 2 meters. 

The king tide occurs in winter when the earth, moon and sun are alighted, while the sun and moon are furthest away from earth.

Low air pressures and strong winds can further elevate sea level, resulting in tides that can peak above their predicted height.

With the global mean of sea levels predicted to rise by 18-48cm by 2050, Natural Recourses are encouraging locals to get involved with citizen science projects available, to help get an insight into what the future ‘high tides’ may look like on the Eyre Peninsula.

Senior Natural Resources Management Officer Ben Smith says there are a number of Pix Stix installed across the Eyre Peninsula at sites that are vulnerable to coastal flooding.

“We are encouraging the community to take photos of king tide events and upload them online at www.kingtides.com.au,” Mr. Smith said