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Coffin Bay Receive New Defibrillator

DDU 100 Lifeline AED with Pads

Coffin Bay now have a new defibrillator that will allow community members to have 24-hour access to the vital lifesaving equipment. 

The new defibrillator will be located near the slip area for those at the beach, jetty and participating aquatics.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is one of Australia’s leading causes of death and having lifesaving equipment on hand will be beneficial to saving lives in the Coffin Bay community.

Fi Gordon from Coffin Bay Post and Trade drove the initiative and says although there is one at the Yacht Club it can only be accessed during trading hours and in an emergency three minutes away is too far.

Ms. Gordon says Coff ’n’ Putt made the donation to the town because they thought it was important.

 “Coff ‘n’ Putt raised all the money for this, so we went forth and started fundraising for one that we could put in a public area that has 24-hour access. It was $3300.” Said Fi.