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Kimba Economic and Development Workshops a Success

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Last week Kimba held an economic and development workshop over three days that saw a positive and innovative outcome for the town. 

The sessions saw a good turn out over the three days with some people attending up to 2 or 3 sessions.

The aim of the work shops were to bring members of the community together to have open discussions on what they could do to build and reinvent Kimba.

Mayor Dean Johnson said some of the key discussions highlighted in the meetings included how Kimba can attract a doctor to the region and bringing in more tourists.

One of the ideas the town are keen to bring to life, will be putting together a social media marketing type video.

Johnson says there are personal factors that come into play when getting a doctor to come to a rural town but it is definitely something they would be able to cater for.

 “8 out of 10 things are personal, like the connections they can make, the support they get they get coming into a community and having easier pathways and making friends and social connections, and I think we do that quite well.”

“So we could certainly focus on whether it's booking a meal for doctors a couple of nights a week or offering childcare if they have a family or organise a camping trip, something like that if they wanna get out and get away. So give them a really good work-life balance and show them what’s good about living in the country.”

The community discussions also heavily focussed on the town entrances and improving the existing various signs. 

Johnson said they would like to consider putting signs out 30 or 40 kms out of town for highway traffic to give structure and statement that will encourage them to take a break and come into town.

Technology was also considered as an option, including apps that can show people what Kimba has to offer.

Community engagement specialist Peter Kenyon and his team are now putting together a final report on the sessions that will see a plan adopted in the future.