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Port Lincoln E-Fraud and Cyber Crime Prevention Sessions

Port Lincoln Community Bank

Port Lincoln Bendigo Bank will be hosting two E-Fraud and Cyber Crime Prevention sessions that will help locals and local businesses avoid being scammed. 

The aim of the sessions is to raise awareness of the different types of scams there are out there, how you can be scammed and what you can do to avoid it.

Timothy Kidney from Bendigo Bank says quite often people think it is the elderly who are most vulnerable to online scams but the largest bracket of people that fall for scams are actually between the ages of 20- 40 years of age.

The first session will be held on Monday 29th April targeted at local businesses and will focus on increasing common issues and how to prevent and manage your information and security.

The second session will be held on Wednesday the 1st May and is open to the general public, both sessions will be held at 6.30pm until 7.45pm at the Ravensdale Sporting Complex.

Speakers at the session will include Paul Bartley one of the regional coordinators from SAPOL, Greg from Lincoln Computer center, and Tim Kidney from Bendigo Bank.

Timothy Kidney from Bendigo Bank said, “One of the most common scams we see is where peoples person information they don’t realize they are putting it at risk, and information can either be held for ransom or it can be used to unlock other areas. If you’re not careful online, viruses can be implanted on your computers and a keystroke virus will monitor which keys you’re putting in and your bank account details and your habits and in a sense the passwords you're putting in.”

Paul will be talking about some crime statistics on it and how the police handle these incidents and how they advise people on protecting themselves.

Greg will be talking similarly on those topics however from a Tech & systems use point of view, and Tim will be presenting on how a bank assists customers who have become victims of those crimes and ways that they can protect their banking and personal information.