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Paint Cans Hit the Walls Today for Colour Tumby Festival

ELLE insane dee

Today street artists will be putting their cans to the wall in Tumby Bay to kick off the Colour Tumby Street Art Festival. 

Festivities began last night with a small gathering at the Hub for event organisers artists and other guests to come together for a light meet and greet.

Brooklyn Street Artist Elle is a top touring female artist specializing in collage and figurative street art that represents feminism and awareness for global warming.

Elle says she began as an illegal street artist as a teen that saw her a troubled past but perused her passion for street art which brought her many opportunities and a career.

Elle said she’s planning to create a very colourful piece over the weekend incorporating animal’s flowers and a female.

Locals interested in finding out more about the event and artist can head to the Colour Tumby Facebook page or website.

Image: Artist Insane51, Magic89.9 News Reader Dee Alonso McLeod and Street Artist ELLE