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EP Football and Netball Forum Success

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Sunday saw the Eyre Peninsula Football council gather in Wudinna for a successful forum on the sustainability of the region's football and netball. 

Over 60 people attended the meeting to discuss the critically important aspects that play significant parts in creating a sustainable future of netball and football in the region.

The group learnt how football and netball affect community development within the broader context of sustainability and that the region must be willing to embrace and navigate the complexities that currently face many clubs through a declining population.

The forum investigated sustainability issues and possible solutions that included:

The role & service agreement responsibilities of the SANFL EP Football Council (“EPFC”);

The EPFC’s Strategic Plan and relevance to the regional situation and future;

The EPFC’s own funding model to ensure it is also sustainable;

And The sustainability and future of the Mortlock Shield.

Mr. Irvine, Chair of the PFC said, “The forum’s general feeling was that the region will be faced with making some very difficult and hard decisions in the very near future in regards to the future of football and netball.”

“This forum paved the way for such decisions being made in a consensus fashion and ensuring all leagues and clubs understand how their decisions can affect others futures.”

The EPFC were pleased with the outcome of the forum and believe the maturity and honesty in the discussion will bid well for the future planning by the EP Football Council.