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Malleefowl Chick Discovered on the EP

160217 malleefowl chick

A classified vulnerable bird, the Malleefowl Chick has been discovered for the first time in a wildlife refuge on the Eyre Peninsula. 

Cameras recently captured a Malleefowl Chick scratching about in the dirt at the Mallee Refuge, inside the Secret Rocks Nature Reserve, near Kimba.

Ecologist John Read has been monitoring the area for nine years and said the discovery, made on his birthday, was an exciting one.

"Their numbers have really declined in the Kimba region and across the Eyre Peninsula, so it was pretty exciting to see a young one."

The malleefowl is named after the Mallee region of South Australia and Victoria, but they’re found as far west as Ceduna.

Dr Read said there were several factors that were threatening the bird.

"We thought it was mainly due to predation by foxes and cats, but we're actually putting that down to too many competing herbivores as well — goats, kangaroos, emus."