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Rainbow Warrior Ship Sails in Boston Bay This Weekend

rainbow warrior

The Green Peace Rainbow Warrior ship is making its way through the waters of the Great Australian Bight in protest of oil drilling.

The Making oil history tour is set to touch base in Port Lincoln this Sunday December 9th holding a flotilla in Boston Bay.

The Rainbow Warrior set sail on its journey from Sydney on November 11th and has been touring along the coastline as a part of the campaign.

The Making oil history movement is a joint effort between Greenpeace and the local fight for the Bight group.

The Flotilla will be held from 1pm until 2pm on the Port Lincoln foreshore.

Local residents are encouraged to take part and join the flotilla on the water using boats, kayaks, paddle boards and surf boards.  

The historical Green Peace Ship has fought many environmental campaigns dating back to the 1980’s when the first ship was bombed by the French Government that wanted to stop Greenpeace's plans for a peaceful protest against nuclear testing.

Today this is the third ship built and is the first to be built from scratch designed specifically for campaign and diving purposes.