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Mental Health Experiences Shared for Connections 2022 Program

Port Lincoln residents have shared their experiences with the National Mental Health Commission as part of its Connections 2022 program, helping to shape mental health services and resources around Australia.


As part of the program, the commission will travel to at least 37 cities and towns across the country over the next three months, speaking to people who have lived experience of mental health and suicide prevention care, with the findings helping with the development of a national framework.

CEO of the National Mental Health Commission, Christine Morgan, said our mental health is as integral to us as our physical health.

"The reality of mental unwellness, as well as mental illness, has kind of hit home for many, many people over the last couple of years," she said.

"Maybe that's about the one good thing that has come out of COVID. It's helped us realise  that's very much part of who we are as people and it's something we need to nurture and engage in self-care around."

Photo: Pexels