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Landscape Board Investigates Plovers Winter Life

The Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board are aiming to learn more about the winter life of the endangered hooded plover.


The plovers are one of Australia's most threatened fauna species, who live on beaches across the country, including Eyre Peninsula coastlines.

Landscape officers, with the help of trained volunteers, have been surveying the threatened species as the birds move from their breeding sites to other areas around the region, to find out how important other areas may be during the non-breeding season.

In a statement, Landscape Officer Rachael Kannussaar says they know from previous research throughout the country the birds can form groups of up to 30 in a flock at coastal locations, before dispersing back to their breeding territories from late July.

Ms. Kannussaar says they want to know more about where they go across the Eyre Peninsula, with a particular focus on inland lake areas.

Photo: Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board