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GP House Building Proposal Supported by Cleve Council

The District Council of Cleve has supported a new proposal to build housing for northern Eyre Peninsula GP’s.


The Northern Eyre Peninsula Health Alliance is proposing the Australian Government fund 11 new houses in 6 local government areas on the Eyre Peninsula, with two houses to be built in Cleve.

The cost of the project is estimated to be 5.5 million dollars, with the Cleve Council agreeing in principle to provide two allotments of council residential land, then accept ownership of the new houses on its land and manage them for use by their GP’s.

Mayor of the Council, Phil Cameron, says the council sees this as a long term strategic iniative.

"You can't even get a house to rent here now, and there's even very limited houses on the market to buy, so I guess this is just a long term strategic iniative to make sure that when professionals like GP's move out into the region, they feel comfortable and have a good quality of life and want to stay here," he said.

Photo: Eyre Peninsula Broadcasters