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EP Residents Urged to Be Patient As We Enter Day One of Lockdown


Today Eyre Peninsula residents join the state in waking up to day one of lockdown with only five reasons to be leaving home.

Locals under the stay at home order will now only be able to leave their home to undertake essential work, shopping for essential goods and services, medical reasons, care and exercise.

Under the new restriction masks are mandatory in any public space where there are other people from a different house hold present.

The State government is determined to curb the spread of COVID-19 delata strain following several positive cases in Adelaide.

Port Lincoln Mayor Brad Flaherty says its important people approach the situation with patience.

“Patience is the first thing I think that that we need, understandingly it’s quite traumatic for people that are gonna be held back from work.

“There is going to be money lost from an industry perspective whether it be retail, hospitality or services but also the other side is that if we don’t contain this we will end up with our health services overwhelmed, that’s the last thing that we want.

“So it’s important to be patience and deal with what we’ve got, following the health instructions from the government and coming out the other side better then where we are now.” said Mayor Flaherty.

To stay up to date with full SA restrictions visit https://www.covid-19.sa.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0019/420391/Public-Activities-Level-5-Essential-Workers-List.pdf





Image credit: Eyre Peninusla Broadcasters