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Cleve Residents Urged to Report Feral Deer and Goat Sightings


Cleve residents are being urged to report any sightings of feral goats and deer in the Cleve hills.

National Parks and wild life services are calling on locals to keep their eyes peeled for these species in the Yelduknie Conservation Park as the animals are causing intensive damage to the sites and potentially farming land.

Conservation Ecologist Katrina Pobke says locals can help Rangers to track down the movements of these destructive feral animals and prevent further destruction.

She said people who spot feral animals in the park can share the information through GPS coordinates or maps with distances to known landmarks, along with the time of day, date, and number of animals.

Deer and goat sightings should be reported on the Feralscan website or by downloading the Feralscan app.



Image by smarko from Pixabay