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Short Term Accommodation for DV Victims and Rough Sleepers During Lockdown


Domestic violence victims and rough sleepers are set to have access to short-term motel accommodation for the duration of the states seven-day lockdown.

Minister for Human Services Michelle Lensink says while they are urging people to stay home over the next seven days, those experiencing domestic violence or abuse at home CAN in fact leave if they believe it is safe to do so.

As of yesterday short term accommodation has been made available for at risk people and rough sleepers.

Minister Lensink also urged eligible rough sleepers to seek accommodation if they need it.

To seek help contact:

24/7 hotline Homeless Connect SA: 1800 003 308.

24/7 DV Crisis line: 1800 800 098.

Or in an emergency, call Triple Zero. 






Image by Mario Schmidt from Pixabay