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New Rec Fish Strategy

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A new recreational fishing strategy has been developed by the Minister’s Recreational Fishing Advisory Council (MRFAC) which outlines key pillars for the future of the sector.

Key action items for recreational fishers include investigating the rollout of electronic diaries, explore new funding opportunities, improve research and monitoring and increasing education.

 Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development David Basham said the strategy contains practical actions for priority areas of growth to achieve a strong future for all of the 277,000 recreational fishers in South Australia.

Saying in a release “South Australia has an incredibly proud recreational fishing sector which plays a key role in the social and economic fabric of our state, contributing more than $160 million”

 “We know that when people fish there are significant economic benefits because people often stay in regional communities, visit the local tackle shop and eat at local restaurants, which all support jobs.

“This is a practical comprehensive strategy which has been written after extensive consultation with the South Australian recreational fishing sector.

“This is not a government document, it is a strategy prepared by South Australian fishers, for South Australian fishers. 

The Recreational Fishing Strategy for South Australia 2021-2024 outlines key pillars for the future of the sector – growth, delivery, partnerships, knowledge and information.

With a number of actions for the sector to help achieve the future vision.

For full details on the strategy [click here]



Image by TheDigitalWay from Pixabay