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'Identikit' to Help Flush-out Financial Organised Criminals in the Community

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Australia's Serious Financial Crime Taskforce has launched a public 'identikit' to help local residents flush-out those who deceive, lie and steal from our community.

The identikit outlines ten criminal personas involved in financial crime, how to spot them and report their behaviour to authorities.

Taskforce Chief, Will Day, says serious financial crimes aren't limited by geography and regional Australians have a key role to play.

“Financial criminals and organised criminals don't respect geographical boundaries, so it is important for original Australians to better understand serious financial crime.

“These criminals suck millions of dollars out of our tax system from things that we all rely on such as health and education so if local residents do have any suspicions let us know by calling the ATO tip-off hotline on 1 800 060 062 or by going to www.ato.gov.au/tipoff




Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay