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Eyre Peninsula Gets Around Get Out Music and Arts Festival

get out music arts

Over the weekend locals from all over the Eyre Peninsula travelled to Cummins to attend the Get out Music and Arts Festival.

The event saw approximately 800 people join in on an array of fun activities for the whole family including a very popular colour obstacle course and the skate park work shop.

Empowering Lower Eyre Emma Gale said the event was really successful, there was a really good mix of age groups and they’re looking forward to securing some more funding to put on another event for youth.

“We’re just really so thankful for all of the different communities outside of Cummins that chose to come along and that was amazing. 

We hope to put out some kind of a survey so that we can find out what were the parts that people really like and what part people didn't like so we can look to make changes but the biggest thing for us is to continually include the youth in the design and for the family, and ensure that we create an event that young people want to be a part of.” Said Emma.




Image credit: Supplied, Empowering Lower Eyre.