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Hazards Around Lincoln Highway Upgrades Sparks Petition

petition lincoln higghway

A new petition is cycling the Lower Eyre Peninsula as concerns have been raised about the overtaking lane under construction on the Lincoln Highway at Louth Bay.

Locals have voiced that the design is putting the safety of all road users at risk of injury or fatality on the section of the upgrade.

The petition written to the Department of Infrastructure and Transport states that the road design forces those on surrounding properties adjacent to the highway, on the seaside, to stop in the overtaking lane when turning right to access driveways.

The overtaking lane is situated on a hill and bend creating a visibility hazard, leaving drivers confronted with a stationary vehicle as they come over the hill.  

Local woman Susanne Wegener who started up the petition, says she has spoken with the department and relevant organisations however they have turned a blind eye to the issue because of lack of funding.

Sue says there is a solution to the critical issues “This can be avoided by putting in a slip lane for vehicles that need to turn right to get off the high speed overtaking lane and to avoid colliding with Southbound traffic.

There's enough room near the parking bay is just north of the parking bay without having to create a whole new southbound Lane, there is enough room for them to do that. 

“It's about everybody on that road who will be confronted with critical decision making should they confront a stationary vehicle in the middle of the highway.

Ms. Wegener also highlighted “Their guide says there should not be overtaking lanes built on sites where there is multiple access points and no requirement for people to turn right and stop on a high speed overtaking lane. That’s clear in their own guide that they should not be doing that.

To view the petition and to have your say click here.






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