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Elderly Urged to Get their Hearing Checked for World Hearing Day

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Eyre Peninsula residents, especially those over the age of fifty, are being urged to speak up and seek professional help if they're suffering hearing loss.

It comes as new research released for World Hearing Day (3 March) suggests many Australians are keeping their hearing loss secret from loved ones.

However Karen Hirschausen from Hearing Australia say we shouldn't suffer in silence.

We want to encourage local residents to share their secrets and talk to their family and friends about their hearing. 

“If they're concerned about their hearing or loved ones hearing talk to Hearing Care professional they'll often offer you several solutions that will be suitable for your needs.

“Pop in for a hearing test with your Hearing Care professional bring a partner or friends along with you you actually find it there experiencing the same thing as you.” said Karen.






Image credit: Pixabay