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Community Members Form Port Lincoln Action Group


Following a successful community meeting held to discuss the future plan for the City of Port Lincoln, an Action group is being formed for locals that are passionate about having their voices heard.

Community Member Diana Mislov is looking for volunteers who would like to actively get involved and engage in an action group that aims to form a committee of thoughts based the future of Port Lincoln.

The Port Lincoln Action group meeting, open to all members of the public, is set to be held this Thursday, March 4th from 7pm at the Kirton Point Bowls Club.

Ms. Mislov says at the last meeting they found that there was a large portion of locals who felt as though their voices weren’t being heard around the council table.

“We noted that much smaller towns actually have progress associations or ratepayer and residents associations, so we thought it was timely to start an action group where residents and ratepayers could be heard and have a voice. 

“I think that it's so important to the community to make sure that they're abreast of everything that's going on in that space. 

“There are petitions out there at the moment, one of them certainly is for council to reconsider their decision on the theatre, so I'm hoping that they'll explore that option more, but I think we will be discussing that further on Thursday evening.

Thus far there hasn’t been much engagement from council in neither the community meeting nor Action Group, however, Diana says minutes from the community meeting were sent through to council and is looking to discuss some of the positives that came from the meeting.

“I think they are content with the engagement they have been doing which I think is not really consultation in terms of involving the community, it’s more informing the community of what’s happening.

“I think there needs to be that next level of involvement and getting cross-sections of people’s opinions which will be varied, there will be pros and cons for each of the projects and the different options on all of them and I just think that it’s important to have peoples voices heard.

“It’s open to all members of the public, I’m hoping to get some youth representation and people from across the board in age groups including our senior citizens but mostly focusing on the people that live and reside right here in Port Lincoln." said Diana. 







Image credit: Diana Mislov