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Community Consultation Now Open for Management of EP Landscapes

sa Landscape board

A new Regional Landscape Plan for the management of Eyre Peninsula landscapes has been drafted and is now open for community consultation.

The plan focuses on the priority areas of water, sustainable agriculture, pest plants and animals, biodiversity and community.

Ruling Member of the Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board, Mark Whitfield, says the draft plan and supporting documents outline the region’s key landscape requirements and the programs that will deliver the aims of the priority areas.

“We are confident that our plan sets the direction for sustainable and resilient landscapes for our Eyre Peninsula region,” Mr Whitfield says.

“We live in a remarkable part of Australia with unique features that require careful management to maintain their viability well into the future, whether that be our farming land or the coastal saltmarsh areas that are home to threatened birds.”

Three years ago, the previous Board went through an extensive consultation with the community to develop a plan for the next decade. However, in July 2020, a new way of managing South Australian landscapes was welcomed.

Given this change and the appointment of the new Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board, the previous plan is required to be updated to a new Regional Landscape Plan for the Eyre Peninsula.

“We ask the Eyre Peninsula community to look at our draft plan details and let us know if the priorities captured remain true to what they value about our landscapes.”

Consultation is open until 5pm March 29, 2021. Full plan details are on this page. Feedback can be given via our survey, on the YourSAy website or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.