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RRA Survey Reveals Cyclists are Being Targeted by Road Rage

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According to a recent survey, cyclists are being targeted by road rage with responses indicating drivers and riders are not respecting one another’s space on the road.

The RAA’s Risky Rides survey revealed that 81 percent of cyclists have been cut off by cars despite having right of way, 65% had car doors opened directly in front of them and 39% had been knocked off their bike by a vehicle.

According to the latest SAPOL figures, 2518 cyclists were injured and 26 lost their lives in road crashes between 2015 and 2019.

The alarming response from survey participants have sparked calls for drivers to be more patient and obey road rules, especially around vulnerable cyclists.

RAA Senior Manager of Safety and Infrastructure, Charles Mountain says “The minimum safe passing distance is one meter for speeds up to 60km/h and one and a half metres for roads with a higher speed limit,’’

“cyclists should ensure they wear high visibility clothing and an appropriate safety helmet.” Said Mountain.





Image by Pexels from Pixabay