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Port Lincoln Show Seeking Local and Youthful Input for 2021

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The Port Lincoln Show committee is looking to return for 2021 and are calling on young people to help give the show a refresh.  

In 2019 the committee took a hard focus on using local operators and exhibitors providing a community-orientated show for the region.

Port Lincoln Show President Simon Drewitt says this year they want to again make the show as local as possible and are seeking input for young people within the community that can add a youthful flair but are also looking for local artists and businesses to showcase their products or service.

“What we really want is ideas and local talent, like local people to support it and to get behind us. 

“If they've got a product they want to get out there, it's cheap advertising really, so I just think it's a win-win for everyone. 

“We’re just looking for some new input, you know just trying to keep it interesting.  

“Last time “local” was a bit of a hit so we want to do that again.” Said Simon.

The show is looking to change its format up and create a fair-like space that focuses on the unique artists and talents Port Lincoln has to offer.

Young people from teenage years and up are being encouraged share their ideas and provide their input into this year’s show planning.

The show is the oldest community event in Port Lincoln.

For updates https://www.facebook.com/portlincolnshow






Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay