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Colour Tumby Street Art Festival Artists Announced

colour tumby 2021

As we approach the March long weekend, the Colour Tumby Street Art Festival artists have been announced with the festival joining forces with At the Bay.

This year locals can look forward to a South Aussie line up including one from NSW set to hit the streets of Tumby Bay.

Event Coordinator Paul Stoddard says Colour Tumby was unfortunately cancelled for 2020 but they’re looking forward to bringing a COVID friendly event to the community this year with up to 7 artists painting.

“So we've got Brontë Naylor from New South Wales she's coming over to do a history mural, all the rest the artist are from South Australia so we got Jack Fran, Tristan Kerr, Rhymes Dejour, Vans the Omega, James Paddler and Ashton Filmer are both local artists so that's really exciting. 

“James has painted for the last 3 years I think and Ashton this will be his first year so it's really exciting to have him. “

Paul says artists are given free rein to paint whatever they like and have no real word on “what” they have to paint, within reason, giving the festival an exciting touch.

“Colour Tumby this year, we are really concentrating on the artists and bringing the artists to the weekend as At the Bay brings a lot of other fun stuff for locals to enjoy.

Artists will begin painting on Saturday, March 6th through until Monday, March 8th, the final day of the festival.

“We wanted to do a South Australian lineup this year in light of border closures so that’s if the borders were to close, artists would still be able to make it.

“It’s really nice to be back after last year and nice for us to get back on board and collaborate with all the other events. We hope that if it is successful, it’ll give us a bit more direction for the future and a more sustainable event.” Said Paul.