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RAA Plea for Road Users to Be Vigilant to Avoid Road Trauma

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An increasing number of pedestrians are being caught breaking road rules, with the RAA calling for road users to be vigilant and help reduce road trauma.

The RAA’s plea comes as thousands of people celebrate the annual festive seasons during the coming weeks with major events sweeping the state.

Latest police figures show pedestrian offences have jumped from 1385 in 2018 to 1578 in 2020 – a 14 percent increase despite last year’s COVID-19 restrictions.

RAA road safety spokesman Matt Vertudaches says “All road users – pedestrians and drivers – have a responsibility to look out for each other and ensure everyone arrives at their destination safely,’’ he said.

Mr. Vertudaches also warned road users of the dangers of distraction caused by electronic devices, including mobiles phones, and the prevalence of e-scooter riders.

“This is particularly important to remember during the upcoming festivities, as many more people are out and about and attending events, which often involve alcohol,” he said.






Image by StockSnap from Pixabay