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Nautilus Art Centre Launch Virtual Tour

NAC virtual tour

The Nautilus Arts center is excited to launch its first virtual tour of the Port Lincoln Art Prize Exhibition.

The tour was officially launched on Friday enabling people from all over the world to view the exhibition from the comfort of their own home.

While they’re still encouraging locals to still come in and enjoy the full experience of the displayed art, the virtual tour will allow people to view each individual piece and its details while also being able to shop and purchase pieces.

The online gallery was produced by local man Paul Rohan from On Eyre Media.

Georgie Shirley from the Nautilus Arts Centre says you can visit the virtual tour online from any device by simply visiting their website and clicking through the exhibition.

“That’s the good thing about virtual tours are available forever so we just have a page on our website dedicated to our new virtual tours.

“We’ve also got Bess Hammond’s up there from her exhibition a couple of months ago. 

 “We can also access the virtual tour and use it for lesson planning in schools and teachers in their classrooms to make it a lot easier than ever before." said Georgie.

Visit the virtual tour at https://nautilusartscentre.com.au/